About Me

Hi, my name is Jordan, welcome to my website! I have a true passion for both welding and knives, so when deciding to start my knife making journey it was only natural to combine the two! My background in welding and fabrication has given me an appreciation and curiosity for all things metal, and an eye for detail. Knife making has allowed me to explore my creative side, while also providing a beautiful tool that can be used and passed down for generations. I pour my heart and soul into every piece I make, with each being unique and special in its own way. Above all, I hope each piece I make will give you, the customer, a sense of joy and pride every time you use it. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than someone appreciating and using something I've spent so much time and effort to make! With that said, please feel free to follow me along this journey on instagram @arcandironknives as I try and catalog my process, educating and also learning from others as I go!